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Ron Prestia
I first heard Chet Atkins way back in 1955 (I was 17 at the time) or thereabouts. At the time, I said to myself, "You'll never be able to play like that!" Guess what? I was smart  enough to realize that even way back then!  He's given me many memories of licks he's played on the guitar; just unforgettable!
Mike Lewis
Westerville, OH
Favorite Guitarist:  Tommy Emmanuel
Favorite Guitar: My Martin OM-21 Custom & the Taylor GC-5 I didn't buy
Love the website. The CAAS convention info is terrific too. Think I'll have to get down to Nashville July 7-10 (think those are the dates this year). Thanks to Mike Nash for telling me about the club and ofgc.net
Dan Northrup
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Favorite Guitarist:  Mark Hill & Tommy Emmanuel
Favorite Guitar: Taylor 614ce
Great site I enjoyed my visit.
Benny Trimble Sr
(aka Benny Tee)
Vincentown NJ 
Favorite Guitarist: 
You gotta ask?
Favorite Guitar:
My Godin silly string & Gretsch 7680 Super Ax signed by the man!
Been to a few Pickin Partys & 5 CAAS conventions but 82 years of kickin a -- has slowed me down a mite!  I love that kooky Palmer!  He is a treasure.  I have been pickin a long time but I could never get this old thumb to divorce the fingers he grew up with, so boom chicken is still a bum duck for me.  I have been thinkin of coming back out to another party this winter if I can talk Palmer into fetchin me from the AP & finding me a room at the no tell motel he put me & my friend in the last time I came out.  I don't remember ever having a better time or meeting nicer folks as I did on my trips to Ohio.  Keep upt the good work boys & keep finger pickin alove.  Respectfully  Benny Tee! 
Larry Baysinger
Louisville, KY
Favorite Guitarist:
Chet's the "Man", but Merle's my hero !
Favorite Guitar:1950's "Silvertone" ( Kay, K-135 ) "Thin-Twin" 
I'm 70-years old and started "finger-pickin' & Thumb-thumpin'" back in the early 1950's. Now that I'm "retired" after nearly 40-years as a professional broadcast engineer, I'm getting back into jammin' and playing with some of my old pickin' buddies from 40-50 years ago!
Chip Young
Nashville, TN
Favorite Guitarist:
Jerry Reed
Favorite Guitar:
any of the ones that are paid for (can't be repossessed that way(lol)
Palmer, You people are doing it right up in Ohio. Nice looking website. I really enjoyed meeting you and getting to pick with you at the motel during the Thumb pickers contest in central city, kent
Mike Elliott
Favorite Guitarist:
Joe Elliott, Chet Atkins
Favorite Guitar: 1959 Country Gentleman
I didn't realize that there was so many great fingerpickers around Ohio till I found your site through Ray Cummins, who's a friend of mine. My dad Joe Elliott, played around Knoxville around the time Chet was working with the Carter family and he was with Archie Campbell.  He later played in and around Cincinnati for the next 20 years till he retired and played for fun thereafter. He introduced me to Chet when I was 15 and gained another musical mentor then on. Chet would be very proud to know that fingerstyle guitar will go on for several generations to come as long as there is a guitar played with a thumbpick.
Phil Marco
Elizabethtown, TN
Favorite Guitarist:
Audie Wykle
Favorite Guitar (drum): Ludwig Vintage 68'S
I just happened across your website...and, to my surprise - who do I recognize?  Audie Wykle - an old friend and fellow musician I had the honor of playing with in his dad's band "Darrell Wykle & The Country Rebels" back in the late 70s to early 80s.  Audie was, by far, the best guitarist I have ever played music with.  We recorded an album for "Kenny Pugh" on Audie's "Barefoot Records" label during that time frame.  (Still one of my favorite treasures.)  The last show we did together was at the grand opening of the Jackson County Music Park, Ohio around Aug '81.  God I miss those days.  I have not heard from or seen anyone from the band since that show as the next weekend we moved to Tennessee.  

If y'all aren't familiar with Darrell Wykle, he is to vocals and rhythm what Audie is to lead guitar - fantastic. A great stage performer he recorded for Starday" and toured on the Country Cavalcade during that time frame.  (Still one of my favorites with the greats including George Jones & Connie Smsith.  I have some old pictures of Audie, Darrell, me and the rest of the Country Rebels Band.  Other members included Deacon Moore on pedal steel, Audie's brother, Tim, on bass.  I would post a pic if I could figure out how. (I'm old school.)  It is great to see Audie still out there tearing it up.  There must be some great pickers in this club.
Bobby Gibson
Junction City, OR
Palmer, next to Chet (and, a hundred others) you are my favorite picker.  How do you like my licks?
Favorite Guitarist: Chet, Merle, Jerry Reed, George Benson and many more
Favorite Guitar:
Gretsch, Godin, Taylor
(Well, Bobby - I sometimes when I'm gittin' a little above my head showin' off - I pretend I'm you.  It never has helped me play what I'd like to - but, I try.  I LOVE YOUR PLAYING!!!  Please bring Paul Biandi back with you next year - and, every year after.)
Red Creech
Been picking for many years, not always thumbstyle--but it's my favorite. I had the pleasure of working Renfro Valley for several years, and that afforded the chance to play lots of thumbstyle.
Favorite Guitar: Gretsch White Falcon,Gibson C.A. classical
Favorite Guitarist: Chet, Merle, Don Harper, Paul Yandell, Jerry Reed, many others
Jim Saunders
VA Beach, VA
Palmer? Thanks for the web site - it's terrific. Thanks also for your huge part in helping to keep our passion for thumbstyle guitar alive and well. Stay well friend........J
Favorite Guitarist:
Rick Allred
Favorite Guitar: Taylor714CE
Larry Consley
Milton, KY
Hey Palmer, you have a great web-site. You've added a lot since the last time I visited. See you in the pickin room.
Favorite Guitarist: Chet & Paul Yandell
Favorite Guitar:
Gretsch NC
Cliff Moore
Champaign, Illinois
I'm a fingerpicker and I love this web site!!!!
Favorite Guitarist: Chet
Favorite Guitar:
Chet Atkins accoustic electric
Bob Summers
Las Vegas, NV
Chet Atkins has been "the " guitar man since I first heard him- and I'm 74. Had the privilege of shaking his hand when he was here in Vegas with Boots Randolph and Floyd Cramer at the Sahara hotel.  No one like him, definitely a C.G.P.
Bernhard Everly
Mannheim, Germany
First ever noticed guitar player at 14: Hank Marvin, latest noticed guitar Player at 56: Scotty Anderson. Hundreds and thousands in between. Worst thing: my son doesn't play the guitar!
A friend said: "Go to YouTube, type "Scotty Anderson" and check out "Sweet Georgia Brown.  You will either practice to be a better guitar player or burn your guitar".  I am 56, been a good guitar player my whole life, 1000s of gigs, tons of fun.  I can't burn my guitar - I'll have to become a better guitar player.  I deeply regret to have missed the following things in my life: 1. to learn Spanish, French and Italian. 2. to learn to dance 3. to learn how to play the guitar the fingerpicking style.  But I did learn this: shut your mouth and practice!  And: there will always be someone better than you. And: be decent and content, and never stop trying to improve yourself.
Favorite Guitarist: heaven holds ca. 100 guitar players
Favorite Guitar:
Fender B-Bender Telecaster
Mark Whitt
Athens, Alabama
Just dropped by to listen.
Favorite Guitarist: Chet
Favorite Guitar: Sand
Patrick J Merrick
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
Great site!
Favorite Guitarist: Lenny Breau ( he was Chet's too )
Favorite Guitar:
Gibson ( any and all models)
Tamara Price
Culpeper, VA

I have a confession to make..: ) Since the incredible "blow-me-away" experience in the Belmont Room at CAAS on that Thursday I find it hard to go back to the Texas room, and it's an incredible room in it's own right!! So many, incredible pickers, thank GOD--the best music in the world. I will go back but I'm still coming down off the high from hearing that superior music from CAAS. Thanks again for making it possible. This is a cool site. Wonderful work.
Favorite Guitarist: constantly changing
Favorite Guitar: Takamine 124Acoustic electric
Al Rader
Los Angeles, California
Hi Palmer. Very nice informative site. Keep up the good work.
Favorite Guitarist:
Barney Kessel, Joe Pass, Ed Bicker
Favorite Guitar: Epiphone Emperor II Joe Pass
Verlon Waldon
Sidney, OH
Hi Palmer; I really appreciate your fingerpicking site, and all
the effort and work that you have, and continue to put into it. It's
really good to have a place to check out the old dogs AND hear of 
the new ones. Much appreciated!!
Favorite Guitarist:
Chet Atkins
G.Richard Cummings Sr. 
As the only official fingerstyle (as opposed to toe style" famed and renowned keyboardist member of the OFGC.I wish to invite all members to a pickin party on the beach.........Clearwater Beach, that is.................where the girls are pretty, the men are funny, and the sheep are nervous............................

later keep on pickin'


(I know who this is - it's our cute chubby little FABULOUS Tues Night Club Jam keyboard player that got smart and moved to sunny Fla... Hi, GERRY... (lol)

Jeff Freedman WHOLE HOG B
Location: Ohio


03/16/2006 12:34 PM
SAW YALL AT SCOTTIE Mcbeans tuesday and thought it sounded very good just wish you could of turned the volume up to the max,I no ill be back,lets organize a hog roast and pickin at the worthington green.
Arnie Moore
Location: Florida


03/13/2006 01:22 PM
Hey Palmer, I goofed up when I tried this before. I have been picking on a Gretsch CG for 42 years. You told me about TBFS pickers. After 6 months with Bob Stamper's Tampa Bay Finger Style pickers I'm coming back to OH in April. I hope to meet with some of you guys and pick up some hot licks. (O.K. Maybe a couple luke warm licks. I'm not so hot anymore.) Thanks for your info about TBFS and your web site. Bye.
Terry Premru
Location: Florida


03/12/2006 10:45 PM
Great web site Palmer. Nicely done. Nice touch! Always a pleasure listening to you play @ sweet southern sounds. Hope to see you when you come down to Tarpon Spgs next time!
Richard Hudson
Location: Oklahoma


02/24/2006 08:43 AM
It's good to see a very well maintained guitar club site. Nice work Palmer. Thanks for all you do to keep fingerstyle guitar going. Chet was and always will be the greatest. We'll never see another like him. Thank God also for Merle Travis who was such a heavy influence on Chet in the early days. Chet and Merle together have influenced countless guitar players all over the world just like us. I love this style of music and will always appreciate the privilege of playing it.

Thanks,  Richard
Bob Wolford
Location: Colorado

02/17/2006 10:40 PM
Nice new format! I've come back to this site time and time again. Great information! Keep up the good work.


Walter Bredy
Location:  Oklahoma


02/16/2006 10:29 AM
Palmer, you have a great website full of "stuff" for finger pickers. I enjoy your playing on the internet and hope to get up to Ohio one of these days.

Palmer Moore
Location:  Ohio

02/13/2006 10:06 AM
Hi, my name is Palmer Moore and I'm the organizer of the Ohio Fingerstyle Guitar Club and I welcome you to our new Guest Book. Please feel free to sign this book to let us know you stopped by our club web site.

Make sure you let us know where you are from, how you found this web site, who your favorite guitar player and guitar are - and, anything else you would like to add - to further the enjoyment of finger style guitar...

Regards,  Palmer