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Tribute to Merle Travis

November 29, 1917 October 20, 1983

Inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1977

Country Music Hall of Fame - Merle Travis biography

Unfortunately, there isn't an official Merle Travis web site. In that Merle is one of our finger style guitar club heroes and icons - we will dedicate a section of our club website to specifically honor the late great innovator of our sport of "thumb pickin".  His son, Thom Bresh, is thinking about writing a little intro for us, here - and, if any of the rest of you have stories, pictures, or other information that would be pertinent to a tribute to this behemoth influence to thumb style guitar - please feel free to contact us at "Say Hello"... 

Below is where you can find information and the music of Merle on the internet:

NNDB - tracking the world - "Son of a tobacco farmer-turned-coalminer, Merle Travis spent most of his childhood in the small town of Ebenezer, living amongst conditions of extreme poverty...."

Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia - "Merle Robert Travis (November 29, 1917 October 20, 1983) was an American country and western singer, songwriter, and musician born in Rosewood, Kentucky."

IMDb - worlds biggest movie database - List of Merle's movies and credits.

Vestapol Videos - "Merle Travis" - Rare Performances - Video - purchase

Answers.com - Lot's of information about Merle - with books and CDs for sale

Eddie Pennington - some great pictures of Merle and other Western Kentucky buddies and mentors of Merle on the website of the finest living "Travis" style picker - Eddie Pennington.

Muhlenburg County "Home of the Legends"  - information on Mose Rager, Ike Everly & Merle Travis


YouTube.com  - Incredible collection of Merle playing acoustic when he was young - put on my BreshDigital

YouTube.com - Chet and Thom Bresh pay tribute to Merle 

YouTube.com - "Too Much Sugar" - video

YouTube.com - Merle jammin' with Carl Perkins & Jose Feliciano - video

YouTube.com - "Re-enlistment Blues" - video

YouTube.com - "Cannonball Rag" - video

YouTube.com - "Long Lost John From Bowlin' Green" - video

YouTube.com - "Wildwood Flower" - Merle with Joe Maphis & little Larry Collins - video

YouTube.com - Merle and son Thom Bresh "At Home" - video

YouTube.com - "Petticoat Fever" - video