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Tributes to Kenny Poole

Tributes Read to Him at His Last Concert & OFGC Hall of Fame Induction - 01/21/06

Ed Benson – Just Jazz Guitar Magazine  

I first met Kenny when he was doing a duo guitar recoding with Gene Bertoncini in Cincinnati  
a number of years ago. I’m not sure what kind of guitar he was playing except the pick guard 
kept falling off and Kenny had a screwdriver handy for repairs. I had never heard him before 
but the word was out that he was incredible so I flew from
Atlanta just to see him. I was considering doing an article on him (for Just Jazz Guitar magazine.) I wasn't disappointed. 
The minute he started to play I knew the guy was special. The touch, the voicing’s, the improvisations - they were all there. He reminded me of a cross between
Joe Pass and George Van Eps - (not a bad duo.)  However, his voice was pure Kenny. We've kept in touch over the years as we've both had some tough times to deal with. Please send him my best on this wonderful tribute. Wish I could have been there.  

Ed Benson  

Tom Downs – big fan from Dayton – Hauer Music in Dayton  

I'm so sorry I can't be there to see you accept this award.  I can't think of anyone who deserves 
this award more than you.  Your music reflects the dedication to this art form and continues to 
be an inspiration to all who hear it.  
Thank you, Kenny.  We love your music and the man that plays it.
Your friend, 
Tom Downs

Frank & Nora Vincent – pianist  


Congratulations on your award.  It’s a well deserved honor to a supreme talent.  Never has bossa nova been played any better – so expressive – so right.  

Frank and Nora Vincent  

Tom Carroll – jazz guitar – Denison U  

Kenny Poole's music comes from a very deep and special place. His playing has a clarity and purity that just astounds me every time I hear him play. There is no one like him, not even close. I can't wait until the next time I can play with him!!!!

Tom Carroll

PS : Don't even ask me about his bass playing!!!!!!!! That’s a whole other thing!!!!!  

Larry Kinley – singer/friend  


We’ve been best friends for 35 years.  And, I’ve got to tell everybody that I’ve have been working with the best string section there is for all that time.  The only other strings that would come close is the Cincinnati Symphony.  I love you dearly and I can’t wait to sing with you, again.  

Larry Kinley  

Sandy Megowen – long time buddy  

Kenny my dear...what a wonderful musician, friend, and person you are.  We can never thank 
you enough for the music you make...but, we can make a fuss and induct you into the 'Hall of 
Fame' !    No one deserves  it more!  Much LOVE from a non-player who gives good audience,
Sandy Megowen
Bob Mac Veigh – friend/fan
Dear Kenny, Enjoy your visit to the capital city, and thank you for your friendship and wonderful 
music. You have brightened my life over these years.  
Bob Mac Veigh
Lou Lausche – bass/friend
Dear Belvis; (one of three remaining); to a charter member of Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief; 
protégé of Cecil; Bad Boy of the Bossa Nova; Wonder of Whitey's and Winbury's;  guitar 
genius; coveted friend; congratulations on your induction into the Hall of Fame; you're the best. 
Love, Lou.
Wayne Yeager - Piano
I was lucky to meet Kenny when I did, around 1970.  I was just starting to play with some 
of the better players in the area.  He had a big head start on me musically and I was able 
to soak up a lot of tunes and ideas from him.  We started hanging out and playing quite a 
bit.  It was and is always an adventure.  He is a true individual in the world of music and I 
count him as one of my best friends and biggest musical influences.  We've also done a lot 
of laughing and that's always a good thing.

Much Love........Wayne Yeager
Conrad Sarina & Rich Vargo – fishin’ buddies & half fast guitarists
This morning we had a choice of whether to go hear you play and pay tribute to you at your 
Hall of Fame induction – or, go croppy fishing down here in Florida……...  We sure miss ya,
Conrad and Rich

Lynne Scott - singer
There are probably no accolades left to describe Kenny's virtuosity in his playing, style, and 
interpretation without being redundant, so I will expound a bit on what it is like to sing with 
this man - who is simply an extension of what a vocalist is trying to convey!  Once I got 
past the sheer intimidation of actually having the privilege to work with him some years ago, 
it was like cuddling into the comfort of your favorite chair ~ the inimitable warmth of his playing 
is so profound, and so strong, and so real and he makes it seem easy.............effortless. 
 It is contagious; so therefore he makes YOU better. So unpretentious.  So genuine.  Just 
Kenny.  Just brilliance!   He told me a long time ago that 'when' we had the opportunity to 
make a CD together, it would be called 'Scott Free - by the Poole'.  Is that not cool, or what????  
I did have the privilege of recording a couple of selections with Tom Schofield and Kenny, and 
I am so very honored that I was asked to  join them for that...........what a treat, with those 
two grade A musicians.  I am truly flattered, and loved being a part of it.  I look forward to 
hearing you again very soon, Kenny.  Since I can't make it the Poole Party, we'll share a 
Wha-Kastle soon and have some poke fun at people.  Enjoy!   

Love You!!   Lynne Scott
Phil DeGreg
Kenny, the gift you have is extraordinary, and the willingness with which you share 
it is divine. You are an inspiration to me.


Dan Faehnle - guitarist 

Kenny Poole is not only one of the greatest guitar players I've ever heard but one the greatest musicians I've heard. He is humble and compassionate, and that is reflected in his music. I'm always inspired by you Kenny. 

Thank you. 

Dan Faehnle

Jack Wilkins  

"Hi Kenny, heard you are having some bad times. Get well will you so we can play again next year at the "Blue Wisp" Really love to play with you.  Your guitar buddy, Jack”

Gene Bertoncinni

Hi Kenny:


Instead of a plaque in your honor we should erect the Kenny Poole wing to some major conservatory dedicated to researching your supreme use of musical intuition, unique, amazing, total command of spontaneous orchestrations and the love of song and the ever present warmth in your person and playing.
 It's an honor to know you, my friend....to have recorded and performed with you and I'm certainly looking forward to hooking up for another one in Cincy.

Love you, man...........Gene

Subsequent Tributes

Sent In by Jim Leming, Issaquah, WA - Childhood Friend - Aug 30, 2006

...This morning, at about 2:35 a.m., I sat at my computer feeling as though my heart had just burst. It was at that particular time I read that my long-time friend and 'brother' had recently passed away.

Back in the late 50's Kenny and I used to inhabit a corner of my parent's house in the basement where we built scale model cars. Hours seemed to fly by as did all the days until I had to move away after my Mother passed in 1960.

I don't know if he ever mentioned it or not but the first guitar he ever used was one I sold him for $5.00. It was a Kay 'Cheese slicer' that was painted 'royal blue and trimmed in white pin striping. We called it a 'cheese slicer' because the strings were so high off the finger board that if you didn't develop calluses quickly, slicing cheese and hard-boiled eggs would be it's only use! I taught him his very first song - "Rebel Rouser" by Duane Eddy, his one-time hero (until he developed taste!).

About a month later, when I came back to the neighborhood to visit with my grandparents, I stopped by Kenny's place, said 'Hi' to his Dad (who was a policeman at the time) and then saw Kenny playing an Epiphone doing an imitation of Chet Atkins!

I moved out west, time passed and we drifted apart. He did something with his gift, I still play for my own enjoyment. As soft as his touch was on the rosewood he managed a grip of steel on my memory.

"I'm going to miss you my friend... Save a place for me up there."

Jim Leming