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"Scotty Talk"   -   (Scottie's new web site)

(Neat article about Scotty)

This is the latest newsletter from Scotties bass player, Bootsie.


Friday, Jan 12th , 9:30 pm,- Pirates Den @  1935 Anderson Ferry Road - ( 922-3898 )

Tuesday, Jan 16th - Aspen Grove Banquet Center - the old Beef and Boards dinner theater (367-5030), Doors open at 6:PM, Meal from 6-7 PM, Band from 7-9 PM. $10.00 cover includes trhe meal - Seniors Discount 


This will most likely be your last chance to make it to a farm gig this year. This Saturday (sept. 30th) we will be at Plainview Farms from 7:00 to 11:00. There is a $15 cover and if you could find it in your heart to bring a covered dish for the pot luck dinner that would be great. Alan and Mari Lee will provide the tube steak and the room for us to have our last farm gig this year. There is a chance that we might have one more of these in October if the nice weather holds out, but in the past mother nature has not been kind to us.
To get there, take I-71 to the second Lebanon exit and turn right. (st.rt.123) Take the first right onto Phillips Rd. and follow it until it dead-ends into Shawhan Rd. and turn right again. The farm is on the left about 300 yards. parking around the back.
I hope you were able to get a copy of Cincinnati Magazine and check out the article on Scotty. It's a good piece and kinda let's you into the world of Scotty and answers the question of why he is still here in Cincinnati. Thanks Rick, what a great job!
See you Saturday,


just wanted to drop everyone a line about this weekend. The band will be at Fat Bob's Friday night starting at 8:30. Tommy Miles will be sitting in for me this Friday, so if you decide to go you will hear some stuff you might not of heard Scotty and the boys do before. Tommy will lend his talents for the cause.
Fat Bob's is located in downtown Lebanon on Mulberry street. take 75n to the Monroe/Lebanon exit and turn right. Take this into Lebanon and turn Left on Broadway and then take an immedate right onto Mulberry. Bar is on the left side about half way down.
See ya, Boosty

Hey kids, I forgot to mention that there is a good size story coming out in Cincinnati Magazine on Scotty for the October issue. I have been told that the October issue hits the stands this week. A special thanks to Rick Kennedy for all the time and effort he has put into this. Without him this would have not been possible. Thanks Mister!


just wanted to drop a quick reminder to you on where we will be playing this weekend. First on Friday Aug.25th we will be at Fat Bob's on Mulberry St. in Lebanon starting at 8:30. Denny Melchers will be sitting in with us on drums that night.
Then on Saturday night we will be at Plainview Farms which is also in Lebanon. Remember that Plainview Farms is a "pot luck" dinner kind of gig so if you are able, please bring a covered dish to share with the others there that will be doing the same. There is a $15 cover to get in to Plainview Farms. There is only one more farm gig after this one so if you have not been out yet you might want to consider this weekend. Sammy will be back with us on Saturday night. Show starts at 7:00, but get there a little early to enjoy the great food before it disappears.
To get to Fat Bob's take 75 north to the Monroe Lebanon exit and turn right. When you get into Lebanon turn left on Broadway then turn right on Mulberry St.
To get to the farm, take 71 north to the second Lebanon exit and turn right off the exit. Turn right on the first street which is Phillips Rd. Take Phillips until it dead-ends into Shawhan Rd. and turn right. The farm is 300 yards down on the left. Parking in the back.
Pete has decided to put his site back into business for a more dial-up friendly approach. The new site address is http://home.fuse.net/pvee/SA.html
Thanks Pete for the new old site. It was greatly missed. Hope to see you this weekend,


In yesterdays email I mentioned that the park was on the right next to the school. That is incorrect! The park is on the left next to the school which is also on the left. Just look for the sign. Everything else is correct though. starting time is 8:00 and it is Colerain Park.
See you there,


This week we only have one show and that is Friday night August 4th at the Colerain Amphitheater in Colerain Park. The show time is 8:00 to 10:00. This event is free so bring a lawn chair and join us. Rich Apuzzo is calling for 85 degrees on Friday and a chance of rain in the morning but it should be clear in time for the show.
I'll give directions from 275 at the Colerain Ave. exit. Get off the exit and head south on Colerain Ave. until you reach Springdale Road. (Walgreen's on the corner) Turn right on Springdale Road and go about 1 1/2 to 2 miles to Colerain Park on the right hand side right by the school. The address is 4725 Springdale Road.
See you Friday,


Let me say, right off the bat, the gig we we're to have this Friday at 1 Floor Up was cancelled. The club is having some liquor license problems. They are only able to sell beer at the present time and we were told that they took a beating last weekend because of that. We are in the process of rescheduling that gig for a later date. I will keep you posted.
We are, however, playing at Plainview Farms this Saturday night (July 29th) starting at 7:00. This is like a "Pot Luck Dinner" kind of affair. Admission is $15 and there will be plenty to eat so come hungry. Take 71N to the second Lebanon exit and turn right off the exit. Goto the first street on the right. This is Phillips Road. Take Phillips until it dead-ends into Shawhan Road and turn Right again. Go about 300 yards and turn left into the farm. Parking is around back.
Sunday (July 30th) we will be at Chateau Pomjie out in St. Leon Indiana. This is a wine festival and there will be music there all day. We start at 5:00 and play until 7:30/8:00. I'm not sure if there is a cover or not. I honestly don't think so but I have been wrong before. There will be food, wine, and other related things there to see and buy. Take 74W from Cincinnati to the St.Leon exit and turn left off the exit. Go about 2 1/2 miles to North Dearborn Road and turn right. Go about another 2 1/2 miles to Chateau Pomjie.
Next week we will be playing at the Colerain Amphitheater on Friday the 4th. I will fill you in next week with all the details.
Hope to see you this weekend,


Howdy Ya'll,

I know it's been awhile since I've sent one of these out but this blasted machine of mine has been on the fritz and I didn't really get around to fixing it until this past week. So to update you real quick, or not so quick, we had to "git 'er done" to bring you the following message:

This week we'll be at Plainview Farms up 'round Lebanon. Most of you have been here and know all about this gig but for the newbies let me pitch the pitch for you. First, the gig starts at 7:00 and runs to 11:00 or so. I think the cover is $15.00 a head but don't quote me on that. I haven't spoke with Alan about this. It could be more or less I just don't know for sure. Anyhow, This is a bring your own bottle type affair, that way you are sure that they will have your particular poison. It is a suggestion, but not law, that everyone bring a side dish or dessert to go along with the meat that is provided to make this more like a picnic than just an opportunity to here Scott wear the frets off of his Tele. We have been doing this gig now for several years and it's a great time. Plenty of room for drinking, dancing and dining. I've attached the link for directions to the farm for those of you who haven't been here yet. http://scottyandersonguitar.com/plainview.html

Some of you might have noticed that our web site has changed. Pete is taking a well deserved break and we have a new site with some new stuff on it. Thanks Pete for all that you have done for us. http://scottyandersonguitar.com/ 

The new site is more about Scott and less about the band. That's okay though, we all know who the show is.Click on it to find out whats going on now and in the future.

Hope to see everyone this Saturday,



Just to let everyone know where we will be this coming weekend. On Friday May 19th we will be at the VFW hall on Brownsway starting at 7:30. This is an open to the public affair so come on down and join us. There is plenty of room to cut a rug so to speak and the drink prices are very reasonable.

Then on Saturday night we will be there again except this time it is to celebrate our very own Mike Kervin's 70th birthday. This is a surprise party so keep this under your hat if you see Mikey out and about. Nikki would like everyone to be there by 7:00. this will be an informal party and there will open mic that night and several local musicians will be joining us to help celebrate. No gifts are expected but if you find yourself wanting to buy a rubber chicken or something like that, it's okay. How cool would it be if everyone bought Mike a rubber chicken. We'd have to build him a rubber chicken coup.

To get to the VFW hall I will give directions from 75 and 275 on the north side of town. Take 75 south to the Ronald Reagan Hwy. West exit. Take RR west to the Colerain Ave. exit. Turn left (south) on Colerain Ave. and go to Galbraith Rd. Turn left on Galbraith Rd. Go about 2 or 3 miles on Galbraith Rd.. When you cross over Pippin Rd. (Rich gas startion on the corner) turn left at the next street. This is Brownsway. Go all the way back until Brownsway dead-ends inhto the VFW hall.

Hope to see you there,



Okay Boys and Girls let me just drop a line to let you know that we will be at Fat Bob's this friday evening. Show starts at 8:30. Sammy can't make it this weekend so Dennis Melchers will be sitting in with us on drums in his place. Fat Bob's is located in Lebanon on Mulberry St. one block north of the golden Lamb.
On another note, Scotty has become the latest endorser of Kustoms new Coupe line of amps. Congrats to him! I'm sure Kustom will not be dissapointed with their pick of one of the best guitarist in the country to endorse their new line. I don't know if they have his picture and bio up yet. i will let you know as soon as it becomes available.
Hope to see you Friday,


This is the weekend for the Cincinnati Fatback Guitarama at the 20th Century Theater. I hope you got to hear us on the Gary Burbank Show last Friday promoting this gig. As soon as I get the copy back from Sammy I will get it posted on the web site incase you missed it. Anyways, the show starts at 8:00 and the tickets will be on sale at the door. There will be 4 bands performing starting with American Standard (classic rock) followed by G.Miles and the Hitman (blues). Next, The Danny Adler Band (blues, originals, classic rock) and finally closing out the night The Scotty Anderson Band (grab ass). I think we will start our segment around 10:30, 11:00 so I've been told, but you know how these things run. Tickets are $10.

If you don't want to come out to the 20th Century and still would like to catch us this weekend, you can always make it to Paul's Pub and Grill in Mt.Healthy Saturday night. Gig starts at 9:00 and seating is limited. There is plenty of standing room but if you want to sit I might suggest getting there early. They have food and ice cold beer so what more could you ask for.
The 20th Century Theater is on Madison Ave. between Hyde Park and Oakley about halfway down. Easiest way is take 71S from 275 and get off at the Smith Rd. and Edwards Rd. exit and turn left. Go to the stop light at the Gold Star and turn right. Go up to the Shell station and turn left. This is Madison Ave. It's about 1 1/2 miles on the right.

To get to Paul's, take cross county to the Mt.Healthy exit and turn North on Hamilton Ave. for 2 blocks and the Pub is on the right.
Hope to see you this weekend,



Just to let everyone know that if you want to purchase tickets in advance for the Cincinnati Fatback Guitararama at the 20th Century Theater you can get the tickets through us if you would like. Tickets are $10 each and we can take orders now. Tickets can also be bought at the door, at Wizard Records and at Shake It Records. Show starts at 8pm and will be unforgettable to say the least. Just drop me an email to let me know if you would like for us to order tickets for you.
Hope to see you there.


Real quick let me give you the low down for the month. This Friday the 7th we are at Fat Bob's in Lebanon. Fat Bob's is one block north of The Golden Lamb on Mulberry st. We start at 8:30. I promise I will bring all the equiptment this week.
Next we have The Gary Burbank Show on 700 WLW on the 21st. I think the time is between 4:30 and 5:30 but I'm not sure yet. I will give an exact time when it gets closer. It is a promo for the next gig on the 28th which is at the 20th Century Theater. This is called the Cincinnati Fatback Guitararama. This show features Yours truly along with The Danny Adler Band, American Standard, and G. Miles and the Hitman. I think Ricky Nye will be there also. Tickets are $10. Time will be announced later.
On the 29th we will be at Paul's Pub and Grill in Mt. Healthy starting at 9:00.
We have been invited to perform for the Danny Gatton tribute at the Buddy Holly Fest in September in What Cheer Iowa this year. We are still undecided on this right now because we are already booked for this weekend and that would mean turning down a booked gig and that is a NO-NO. We have several gigs booked through September and almost have a full calander right now.
Check out our website for future dates.
See you Friday,


Just to drop a quick reminder that we will be at Fat Bob's this Friday night. The gig starts at 8:30 so get there early as the seats fill up fast. I know the web site states that the gig starts at 9:00 but that is wrong. Offical time is 8:30. Let us also thank all the new subscribers to our email flyers. This has been a record month for new subscribers. Thanks again!

Let me give out the directions for all the newbies and also for those of you who have a bad memory. These directions are from Cincinnati. Take 75N to the Monroe/Lebanon exit and turn right off the exit. Take this road all the way into Lebanon. When you get into Lebanon this road turn into Main St. Turn left onto Broadway (Golden Lamb on the corner) and take the next right onto Mulberry St. About 10 doors down on the left is Fat Bob's. There is plenty of parking on the street and there are also some public parking lots nearby.

The April dates will be released next week. We have Paul's, Fat Bob's, 20th Century Theater and the Gary Burbank Show coming up and I know you won't want to miss that. 

See you Friday night,


Scotty Anderson Band: Paul's Saturday March 4th

This Saturday night we will be at Paul's in Mt.Healthy starting at 9:00. Remember that Paul's is located right across the street from Paul Young Funeral Home on Hamilton Ave. in the heart of Mt.Healthy. 2 blocks north of Cross County Hwy. on the right hand side if you are heading north. Parking in the lot next door, on the street, and around the back. Get there early to get a seat.
Rumor is that we were going to be playing at Fat Bob's in Lebanon this Friday night. That is incorrect. That was the original date but it was pushed back to the 24th. Please make a note of it. Starting the month of March we are to be there the first Friday of each month.
For those of you who care, Burning Desires has reopened under a new name which I can remember. We are currently working on this as a new/old gig. I understand that they no longer sell cigars there which was a turn off for a lot of people. If you are up that way and stop in, put in a good word for us there.
We are already starting to put togeather our summer concert schedule. We have a couple of gigs already booked and have a few new prospects that we are looking into. We even have a wedding booked in September already. Dates are filling up and and hopefully it will be a busy year.
If you missed us at Turners this past weekend, you missed a great gig. The place was packed and alot of people got their $10 dollars worth from what I could tell. We have landed two more gigs out of that and I will pass them on to you when the time gets closer.
Don't forget Paul's this Saturday night starting at 9:00 and come early to get a seat and perhaps get something to eat. Until then,


This Saturday night starting at 8:00 Scotty and Tommy will be at Central Turners for a fund raiser to raise money for the lake. This is an open to the pubic event so come out and join us. Notice I said us. Tommy and Scott have asked Den Melchers to play drums and myself to play bass for them and we have graciously agreed to. Cover charge is $10 but I understand that that includes any and all the draft beer and soft drinks you can consume plus there will be food, free food! All this is included in your $10 cover charge.
Turners is located on Penny Ln. which is right off Hamilton Ave. about 1 1/2mi. south of the Hamilton Ave. exit at I-275. From 275 take the Mt. Healthy exit and turn south on Hamilton Ave. When you pass the UDF on the right you will go about a 1/2 mi. and turn right onto Penny Ln.. There is a sign by the road that says Central Turners. Take Penny Ln. all the way until it dead-ends into Turners. Show starts at 8:00.
See you there,


Hey, just a quick reminder about Paul's Pub and Grill this Saturday night. We will be there with our goggles on and would like to see you there as well to send Sam's brother off to Hawaii. Gig starts at 9:00. That's right, 9:00. Looks like I'm gonna have to take a nap for this one. Paul's is right across from Paul Young Funeral Home on Hamilton Ave. in Mt. Healthy. It's just two blocks north of Cross County Highway on the right hand side.

Hope to see you Saturday,



We are back at Fat Bob's in Lebanon this Friday night starting at 8:30. I know the web site says 7:00 but, the time has been changed to 8:30. It's kinda a New Years Eve, Eve thing and the folks at Fat Bob's would like for us to start a little later. Anyway, the time is now 8:30 to 12:30. I have had a few people ask for directions there, which means you are actually reading your emails I've been sending, so here you go:

Take 75 North to the Monroe/Lebanon exit and turn RIGHT off the exit. Take this road all the way until you drive straight into Lebanon. When you get into Lebanon this road turns into Main St.. When you get to the light at Main and Broadway, (Golden Lamb on the left) turn LEFT and go 1 block North to Mulberry St. and turn RIGHT. Fat Bob's is on the left about 200 feet down. There is plenty of parking on the street. 

On January 7th we will be at Paul's Pub and Grill in Mt. Healthy. I'm not real sure on the time yet, so I will have to get back to you as soon as I find out. Sammy's brother is heading back home to Hawaii and we are giving him a going away/home party. How depressing it must be to leave Cincinnati in the middle of winter and go home to Hawaii with all that sun and warm weather and stuff like that. I feel bad for him just thinking about it. 

Good enough. See you Friday,