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Pickin' Party Pixtures - May 12th, 2001

Our Guest Picker was Mr. Bob Saxton...  After an hour of listening to him play you kinda forget that you can....  What a treat to have Bob come up to Ohio every year to thrill us with his great talent.
Mentor/teacher Bob Mowery looks on as student Charley Berwinkle shows the boss what he's learned since taking lessons from Bob back in his teens.  (OFGC brought these guys back together again after many years...  tell me I don't feel good about that....)
Jim Lafferty "thinks about it" as ol' Bob lays down some really sweet thumb picking licks.
I ain't going to show you his fingers folks.  This boy is starting to embarrass me with all the fancy licks he's been learning lately...  Chris Vickers from Dayton, Ohio - co-club founder.

(Great color selection, Chret.  Waz yer wife asleep when you left the house?)

"Hey, Dave - lemme show you how to play Sweet Bunch of Daisies."
"Naw, that's Sweet Bunch of Lazies."  "Let me show you how to play it....."

Dave Duncan played some very nice thumb pickin' tunes on Bob Saxton's Super 400.

Willis Crocket and Dave Duncan jam it up.
Even little Jessica tried Bob's guitar.  "Hey, Bob - you know you can grab three strangs with yer thumb."    

Thanks to Ailene Duncan for taking most of these pictures for us.