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"Tribute to Chet & Merle" Josh Woods

Review written by Palmer Moore, Organizer - OFGC

I know that if a guitarist is going to be "playing out" that they, indeed, need to have a few CDs to sell their audiences in order to make a few more bucks on each gig.  But, I've got to tell you, folks, (and, I know I am being VERY critical) most of them are not worth listening to.  Most of them are by youngsters (however, not exclusive to that age group - in fact, I'm not particularly all that popular with a few of my very good adult musician buddies) that have practiced just enough to have actually become pretty good at playing the guitar.  They, then, find some "recording" software for their computers - and, start recording and producing a CD all by themselves.  And, like I complained earlier - usually not worth the effort - basically because they pretty much all sound the same - with much less talent and "feeling" as the masters they are trying to emulate.  Or, they are full of tunes that been recorded to death - or, my least favorite - 20 "originals" that should have been left unwritten.

Well, with all that negative, neigh saying, complaining, and jealousy said and out of the way, and my reading audience (if any of you are left) totally upset at my rants - here's a CD, folks, that according to my horridly self-indulgent ridged rules should have been pitched in the trash can before I listened to it:  Young artist - practiced til he got good enough to record - found recording software and recorded and produced his own CD - EVERY tune has been recorded to death by many other guitarists!

Yet, folks, this recording isn't all about melodies and notes from a guitar.  If you truly love the "feeling" of thumb style guitar that Chet, Merle, and Jerry left us, when you listen to this "home made" CD I guarantee you will have the same epiphany (yes, EPIPHANY) that the talented Eddie Pennington (world's reigning Merle Travis player) had when he said to me as he and I were listening back stage to Josh Woods play his first tune in the International Thumbpickin' Contest that he won in 2010,  "Palmer, I'm not so sure we aren't listening to the NEXT great thumb picker."  He could tell from the look on my face - I concurred.   There are those phenomenal young players that have the Tommy Emmanuel speed down and most of the notes of the masters, but in the end what, in my not so humble opinion (lol,) separates the "great" ones from the "well practiced" is being able to play with FEELING.   How right you were, Eddie - this kid has that feel and is the real deal!  

Born with the musical talent, hands and an ear from heaven, Josh Woods was fortunate to have a dad that loves and plays thumb style which influenced him, an "out-of-body" passion to figure out what the thumb style masters did, and lives in an environment that provided him with plenty of time to practice, practice, practice until he gets it right.  Rhythm, notes, syncopation, single line licks - EVERYTHING - just as clean as a whistle.  We will be seeing this young man on the CAAS Main Stage within a few years...  Shoot, maybe this year if Doc gets his act together...

What about the CD production, itself??  I couldn't believe that a homemade CD could come out so well.  Guitar(s) tone, volumes, multi-tracking rhythms and accompanying single line licks - it's one of the best homemade CDs I've ever heard.  But, it isn't the quality of the CD that makes this one a must buy - it's the fact that when you listen you realize that this super talented kid has poured his heart and soul into recording what he has spent the majority of his life learning to do - play thumb style guitar - as the masters did - and, again, 
Eddie - he WILL be our NEXT great thumb picker!

To buy "Tribute to Chet & Merle"

Call or email Janie Woods:  (606) 571-3648 or joshwoodsguitar@gmail.com

(I don't care what he says the price is - give him $20 bucks so that he can afford to take a week off from his Dollar Store job to come to CAAS this summer.  We need him there to carry on the true Chet, Merle and Jerry legacy. Folks, when we finally find one - we've got to support him!!)

Song List:

Cannonball Rag
Back Home in Indiana
Muskrat Ramble (will bring tears to your eyes - BOTH Merle & Chet's parts)
Bye Bye Blackbird
Everly Rag
I'll Say She Does
Stump Water - (awesome job)
Thumpin' the Bass
I'll See You in My Dreams